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District football game between St. Lucie West Centennial Eagles and Vero Beach High School Fighting Indians. Photos include warm up, several special presentations, Billy Livings Tribute and both bands. Please share the link with family and friends.
SLW Cent vs VBHS-1SLW Cent vs VBHS-2SLW Cent vs VBHS-3SLW Cent vs VBHS-4SLW Cent vs VBHS-5SLW Cent vs VBHS-6SLW Cent vs VBHS-7SLW Cent vs VBHS-8SLW Cent vs VBHS-9SLW Cent vs VBHS-10SLW Cent vs VBHS-11SLW Cent vs VBHS-12SLW Cent vs VBHS-13SLW Cent vs VBHS-14SLW Cent vs VBHS-15SLW Cent vs VBHS-16SLW Cent vs VBHS-17SLW Cent vs VBHS-18SLW Cent vs VBHS-19SLW Cent vs VBHS-20

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