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Extended Sideline action photography of Fort Pierce Westwood and Vero Beach High School Varsity football teams and Marching Bands. The Varsity game was played on Friday, 9-14-12 at the Citrus Bowl on the Billy Livings Field.
Westwood vs VBHS-1Westwood vs VBHS-2Westwood vs VBHS-3Westwood vs VBHS-4Westwood vs VBHS-5Westwood vs VBHS-6Westwood vs VBHS-7Westwood vs VBHS-8Westwood vs VBHS-9Westwood vs VBHS-10Westwood vs VBHS-11Westwood vs VBHS-12Westwood vs VBHS-13Westwood vs VBHS-14Westwood vs VBHS-15Westwood vs VBHS-16Westwood vs VBHS-17Westwood vs VBHS-18Westwood vs VBHS-19Westwood vs VBHS-20

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