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On Saturday, March 10, 2012 my wife, daughter and I went out with Ron Bielefeld from Whistling Wings Photography on his boat at Blue Cypress Lake. Ron is extremely knowledgeable and his boat is very well equipped to get you into the right places to create great images. I would highly recommend Ron for both the novice wanting to learn bird photography or for the experienced photographer. Check him out at:
Blue Cypress Lake-1Blue Cypress Lake-2Blue Cypress Lake-25Blue Cypress Lake-3Blue Cypress Lake-4Blue Cypress Lake-5Blue Cypress Lake-6Blue Cypress Lake-7Blue Cypress Lake-8Blue Cypress Lake-9Blue Cypress Lake-10Blue Cypress Lake-11Blue Cypress Lake-12Blue Cypress Lake-13Blue Cypress Lake-14Blue Cypress Lake-15Blue Cypress Lake-16Blue Cypress Lake-17Blue Cypress Lake-18Blue Cypress Lake-19

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