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Guestbook for Fort Pierce Raid 12/13/08
JPR Images(non-registered)
Thanks for all the comments. I look forward to photographing at Brooksville next week and will be posting photos on this website.
Wendy and Robert(non-registered)
Great pictures depicting both the Federals and the Confederates. Its so appreciated to get these and be able to share it with friends and family. Thanks so much!! Wendy Voss Hospital Stewart
Barry King 75th OVI(non-registered)
Excellent clear shots. If the guys would quit enjoying themselves so much there would be less smiles. Keep up the great works!

Barry King Capt 75th OVI
Beautiful, clear photos. It's obvious you took careful "aim" to keep modern items from pictures. It is appreciated! Thank you!
Bob Burdge(non-registered)
Great shot of the event....hope you can make the 09 event...

Doesn't look great to have no farbie in the pics....
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