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Images from Vero Beach High School Lady Indians win 5 to 2 against Apopka High School Blue Darters in the Girls Soccer Regional Semifinal. The game was played in the Citrus Bowl under a full moon on Saturday, Jan. 26, 2013.

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VBHS vs Apopka-1VBHS vs Apopka-2VBHS vs Apopka-3VBHS vs Apopka-4VBHS vs Apopka-5VBHS vs Apopka-6VBHS vs Apopka-7VBHS vs Apopka-8VBHS vs Apopka-9VBHS vs Apopka-10VBHS vs Apopka-11VBHS vs Apopka-12VBHS vs Apopka-13VBHS vs Apopka-14VBHS vs Apopka-15VBHS vs Apopka-16VBHS vs Apopka-17VBHS vs Apopka-18VBHS vs Apopka-19VBHS vs Apopka-20

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